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Important Resources for Brand Media Specialists

Here is a list of learning and other information resources for anyone seeking to use brands for business, event, and promotional gifting, rewards and recognition.

The Art and Science of Corporate Gifting

A complete guide to everything you need to know about corporate gift-giving.

Art and Science of Rewards and Recognition

An e-book compendiums of principles, definitions, research, and best practices in the world of rewards and recognition.

The Untapped Power of Brand Media

An e-book compendiums of principles, definitions, research, and best practices in on the use of brands in gifts; rewards, recognition, loyalty and motivational events.

E-Book: Is Your Brand Powerful Enough to Motivate and Inspire?

A comprehensive guide for chief marketing officers, CEOs or business owners to help determine if your brand and products and services have what it takes to succeed in the emerging world of Brand Media in business, event, promotional gifting and rewards, and motivational meetings.

The Brand Media Guide

A growing compendium of Brands that explains their story, brand personality, demographics, and customization and personalization capabilities, as well as where to buy them from authorized master fulfillment companies or brands.

The Incentive Marketing Association at

Anyone serious about using or selling incentive programs should take advantage of this organization’s learning and certification program.

The Incentive Research Foundation at

This organization has the most complete library of information on the use of non-cash rewards of perhaps any central resource.