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Important Resources for Brand Media Specialists

Here is a list of learning and other information resources for anyone seeking to use brands for business, event, and promotional gifting, rewards and recognition.

News and How-to Information on Rewards and Recognition and Engagement

The provides regularly updated news, how-to, and reference information on rewards and recognition and offers complete coverage of the world of engagement.

The RRN Library includes these and other useful resources.

The ESM (Engagement Strategies Media) Library offers extensive content and information on ROI of human capital and engagement.

One Hour Training Session on Selling Brand Media and Engagement Services

This training program hosted by Michigan Promotional Products Association provides insights into how and why to sell Brand Media and Engagement services.

Human Capital and Enterprise Engagement Youtube Channel: 22 Sessions and Counting

Overview of Enterprise Engagement Alliance and Brand Media Coalition How-to and Insight Youtube Shows

EEA Show Focuses on Engagement Services That Solution Providers Can Bring to Client

How Solution Providers and Distributors Can Broaden Their Business

The Art and Science of Corporate Gifting

A complete guide to everything you need to know about corporate gift-giving.

Art and Science of Rewards and Recognition

An e-book compendiums of principles, definitions, research, and best practices in the world of rewards and recognition.

The Untapped Power of Brand Media

An e-book compendiums of principles, definitions, research, and best practices in on the use of brands in gifts; rewards, recognition, loyalty and motivational events.

E-Book: Is Your Brand Powerful Enough to Motivate and Inspire?

A comprehensive guide for chief marketing officers, CEOs or business owners to help determine if your brand and products and services have what it takes to succeed in the emerging world of Brand Media in business, event, promotional gifting and rewards, and motivational meetings.

Psychology of Gifting Applies to Business as Well

Forget about price; function counts; delayed gratification is okay; don’t be afraid to give people what they ask for, and favor experiences summarize the best advice for gifting, asserts a University of Virginia psychologist.

Brand Media Coalition Executive Council Targets $45 Billion Retail Market

An executive council of executives representing the different facets of brand media has been formed to help the Brand Media Coalition achieve its goal to tap the tens of billions of dollars in the rewards, recognition, and gifting market still purchased at retail.

Why Distributors Need to Take Advantage of the Power of Brands

This article explains the reasons why brands make so much sense for distributors.

It’s Time for Distributors to Become Promotional Consultants

The time has come for distributors to diversify to help clients deal with one of the most pressing issues of our times made even more urgent in the Covid-19 crisis—how to fully engage and build meaningful relationships with all critical stakeholders.

The Incentive Research Foundation at

This organization has the most complete library of information on the use of non-cash rewards of perhaps any central resource.

The Incentive Marketing Association at

Anyone serious about using or selling incentive programs should take advantage of this organization’s learning and certification program.

The Brand Media Guide

A growing compendium of Brands that explains their story, brand personality, demographics, and customization and personalization capabilities, as well as where to buy them from authorized master fulfillment companies or brands.

Loyalty 4.0: From Transactional to Experiential and ROI Measurement

An opportunity to take a fresh look at the economics and benefits of loyalty strategies to make sure they optimize results.

Three Short Videos for Managers on Training and Rewards and Recognition

These three short videos provide everything organizations need to train managers on effective recognition processes.

IRR Industry Report 2022

Challenges and opportunities and what we can learn from the past.

The Coming Need for Incentive Program Design Expertise

What you need to know about providing professional design services to organizations.

Brand Media Coalition Marketing Materials

PDF for Brand Media Distributors

PDF explaining the Brand Media Coalition and specialist program to promotional distributors.

PDF for Brand Media Distributor Companies

Customizable PDF explaining the Brand Media Coalition program to the end-user customers of promotional distributors.

PDF for Brand Media Distributors

Customizable PDF explaining the Brand Media Coalition program to promotional distributors.