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  • Sign up today for a free charter membership in the Brand Media Coalition to profit from using brands as media.
  • Make money while you sleep: Help clients meaningfully and easily surprise and delight key stakeholders with the BMC business gifting platform. BMC members receive monthly 15% rebates on any purchases made by your customers on the platform as long as they use your unique Brand Specialist member identifier when signing up.
  • Get access to wholesale pricing, commissions, or other opportunities to profit from brands for any type of business, promotional, or corporate amenities program.
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More promotional products distributors and other marketing and gifting experts have discovered the story-telling power of brands to enhance their business, event, and promotional gifting, incentive, and recognition programs.

The Brand Media Coalition and Brand Specialist Program are designed to help distributors bring the power of brands and other engagement services to the $20 billion promotional products marketplace by ensuring they have the knowledge and expertise to properly use brands in programs and respect each brand’s specific guidelines, and that they have the knowledge, if desired, to effectively sell a broader range of engagement technologies and services.

Join Today for Free Charter Membership in the Brand Media Coalition to Become a Brand Specialist

  • Learn how to use the power of brands not only to help your own clients achieve greater impact in their gifting and promotional products programs, but how to elevate your own brand as well.
  • Earn 15% rebates you can share with clients in the BMC Surprise and Delight platform you’ll receive after being approved for membership.
  • Using brand-name products in business and event-gifting and promotional products enhances perceived value, emotional connection and helps organizations tell a better story to the people most important to their business.
  • Learn about other engagement services you can offer in branding and alignment, culture and coaching, feedback and surveys, learning and communications, loyalty, incentive programs, analytics, and much more.

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Join the Brand Experience Coalition—It’s Free

  • Designed for promotional products distributors and marketing services firms that provide promotional products, business and event gifts, and incentive, recognition, and loyalty programs who wish to maximize the impact of their programs through more effective use of brands.
  • Learn how to use brand-name merchandise, gift cards, and travel to maximize the gift, promotional product or reward experience.
  • Understand the stories of participating brands and how their brands can be used to help your clients tell their stories.
  • Gain access to the leading master fulfillment companies and brands that can provide wholesale pricing and customization and personalization, drop-shipping, event gifting experiences, and even potentially financing.
  • Rapidly shop for items available in inventory now for bulk purchase.

Benefits of Participation

  • Participation in the Surprise and Delight gifting platform enabling you to earn a 15% rebate for helping your clients engage people while you go about your business.
  • A free learning, certification, and information program you can use to help build your business.
  • The right to use the Brand Specialist logo on your web site as well as the brand names of participating companies.
  • Free co-branded marketing literature you can use to explain your expertise to clients.
  • Direct access to the full range of brands at wholesale prices that can help you meet your clients’ bulk or drop-shipping requirements, along with customization and personalization.

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