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About the BMC Brand Club

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The BMC Brand Club Mission: Help Educate the World on the Power of Brands and Create a New Benefit for IRR Industry Employees

The Goals: Increase the use of brands as a story-telling media in business, event, and promotional gifting, as well as reward, recognition, and loyalty programs; educate corporate American on the ability to purchase brands at discounted prices with extensive support through the corporate sales channel. We want people who work in the IRR industry to feel proud and enjoy the benefits of their work.

The Objectives: Educate thousands of businesses on the benefits of using brands and the corporate channel and engage solution provider specialists trained on the proper use of brands for business, event, and promotional gifting; provide IRR industry members a valuable insider benefit.

Brand Media Coalition Preferred Vendors are committed to supporting the solution provider marketplace with dedicated services, expertise, and educational outreach to help expand the Incentive, Recognition, and Reward (IRR) marketplace through effective practices.

These vendors include master fulfillment companies, brand corporate special markets departments and their incentive representatives, retail gift card companies, promotional products companies, marketing agencies, human resources advisory firms, technology platforms, and any organizations that  help organizations tell their stories through the power of brands.


The BMC Brand Club of brands, gift cards, and master fulfillment companies seeks to:

  1. Educate American business people about the story-telling power of brands and the corporate channel for buying brands for business, event, promotional gifting, awards, and amenities.
  2. Promote the growth of a large new distribution channel for brands and gift cards by educating the $20 billion marketplace of promotional professionals; incentive, recognition, loyalty, and HR advisory companies and their customers on the power of brands and gift cards and their proper use in imprinted product, business and event gifting, as well as incentive, recognition, and reward programs.
  3. Create a more seamless purchasing experience for solution providers by enabling them to rapidly identify trusted solution providers that can help their clients and a better way for customers to buy.
  4. Verify that brands and gift cards are sold through qualified expert resellers who ensure that brands and gift cards are used for the intended purpose.
  5. Help the brands and gift cards better manager the business they get from the corporate market versus retail by establishing a transparent distribution channel using trained distributors supported by expert master fulfillment companies whose brand media expertise is a differentiator from retail.
  6. Sign up qualified promotional professionals, incentive, recognition, loyalty and HR advisory services in the Brand Media Coalition.

Who Can Join

  • Managers and administrators for organizations can buy brands, gift cards, and related technologies for their organizations.
  • Promotional professionals, marketing and management consulting companies, incentive and recognition firms, and their employees.
  • Brands, gift cards, and master fulfillment companies and their employees involved with the corporate market.