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Omaha Steaks

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Primary Products and Services

Steaks, over two dozen cuts and varieties; over a dozen other meat varieties; barbecue meats and sauces; nearly two dozen varieties of fish and shellfish; appetizers and side dishes; desserts, wine, and gift cards.

While the company was founded as a direct marketing company, it began opening stores in 1976 and has over 50 in the US.

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Omaha Steaks is fully committed to the business gift marketplace, providing custom certificates for selections of gourmet items; gift cards for redemption on its online catalog, and direct delivery of selected gifts. In addition to customized offerings, Omaha Steaks offers selections specifically for Real Estate, Healthcare, Banking and Finance, and Casino and Gaming. It also offers Employee Care packages for people newly working at home.

The company’s web site features videos on cooking, a recipe center, and cooking charts.

Very few brands have a greater demonstrated commitment to the corporate market, as made clear by its organizational mission: “To process and sell high quality foods profitably to consumers and businesses.”

Omaha Steaks publishes extensive how-to information for its business customers, including: Promote & Motivate guide to sales promotions, dealer incentives, and employee motivation and a Casino Buyer’s Guide.

Company Story

Omaha Steaks was founded in Omaha as a butcher shop in 1917 by B.A. Simon, an immigrant from Latvia who came to the US to escape religious persecution. His son joined the company in 1929, helping to expand the company by getting its steaks on the menus of railroad dining cars and later on troop transport trains in 1942. In 1953, the company began selling steak by mail-order through national magazine advertising, probably the first meat company to do so. In 1966 it changed its name to Omaha Steaks International and in 1995 simply to Omaha Steaks.

For such a homespun company from the heart of America, Omaha Steaks is an innovator. Besides being a first in the direct sales of fine steaks, it was a first to sell online through a relationship with CompuServe, one of the first Internet providers, in 1990. The brand has become part of American culture, starting with its renown with train travelers and our troops in the 1930s and 1940s. Much later, in the sci-fi comedy, “Downsizing,” the actor Matt Damon plays a manager of the company and appears in the film wearing an Omaha Steaks shirt. In the movie “Up in the Air,” featuring George Clooney, the Omaha Steaks kiosk appears in the background in one scene. The brand has been mentioned or featured on the Ellen DeGeneres, Dr. Phil, and Oprah Winfrey shows, and has had appearances in multiple television shows, from “Modern Family” and “Will & Grace” to “Hell’s Kitchen,” “The West Wing,” “The Simpsons,” and more.

Brand Personality

The Omaha Steaks mission is to deliver exceptional experiences that bring people together. The company prides itself on being “America’s Original Butcher,” a fifth-generation, family-owned business founded in the heartland of America and rooted in Midwestern values, with a passion for quality and innovation. And true to its innovative spirit, customers can connect with Omaha Steaks through all manners of diverse channels, from direct response television to social media and mobile apps.

The company considers itself a big small business with the personality of a local butcher shop dedicated to its community. To this day, fifth-generation owner, Bruce Simon, still oversees all beef procurement to ensure it meets his exacting standards. Every Omaha Steak is all-American, grain-finished beef that’s been hand-chosen for integrity, quality, and marbling.

Its staff of 80 butchers with over 600 years of collective experience hand carve each steak to ensure customers get the perfect cut every time. Additionally, the company offers a 100% money-back guarantee for anyone who is not satisfied. The company proudly tells many stories of how it has gone above and beyond for customers.

In the corporate sales department, the focus is on problem solving, helping organizations use the Omaha Steaks brand and its selection of products to accomplish their goals. The company considers its products and services as much a communications and experiences platform that starts when someone receives a certificate and starts shopping, to when and how it is delivered, to when it is enjoyed by the recipient and significant others.

Buyer Persona

The Omaha Steaks customer values quality and service and will pay more than traditional retail prices to receive or give products that elevate in-home dining to an experience. With that comes an expectation for excellence at every step of the experience.


Almost everybody likes to eat and most enjoy fine steaks, other meats, appetizers, desserts and wines. Many young people get introduced to the brand in the form of care packages sent by parents to their dorm rooms or homes.

Endorsements and Sponsorships

The company’s “Steaks for Good” program enables people to donate 10% of the proceeds of any purchase to one of over 75 charities of their choice and enables charities to direct people to for mutual benefit.

Customization and Personalization

The company’s customer certificate programs enable organizations to create customized selections from which recipients can choose, based on the audience, program, and budget. The certificates can be customized with branding and messaging, and Omaha can provide a customized online redemption center that can feature specialized content or a video from the CEO or some other business leader.

In addition, the cooler in which the gifts arrive can be customized with a belly band or sticker; companies can put a black-and-white short message on the shipping label, and Omaha Steaks can help procure co-branded gift options, such as an apron, barbecue tool kit, steak knife, etc.  The company is even known to have driven up a truck filled with steaks to an organizational event.

Reseller Policies

Omaha Steaks actively supports all its partners in the corporate market, including incentive, recognition, loyalty companies, marketing agencies and promotional products distributors. It belongs to ASI, PPAI, IMRA and IMA.  See how Omaha Steaks works with the Loyalty industry:


Bruce Bolger
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