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Founded: 1947

Primary Products and Services

Mobile cell phones, Smart watches, Tablets, Bluetooth headsets and headphones, TVs, Home audio, Sound bars, Bluetooth speakers, Home video, Blue-ray and DVD players, Projectors, Speakers, Kitchen and laundry appliances, Indoor air quality solutions; Computers, , monitors, and accessories for gaming and other applications.

Company Story

Few brands have had as much success transforming their image in the U.S. than LG, founded as Goldstar in 1958 as a multi-company conglomerate to help  South Korea create a modern industrial base following the Korean War.

The company began producing transistor and tube radios in the 1950s and rapidly expanded into fans  and telephones. By the time the company changed its name to LG in 1995, it was on its way to becoming  one of the largest, most diverse, and respected manufacturers of home entertainment, phones, computers, and appliances. During its journey, it went from being perceived in the U.S. as a low-cost South Korean import alternative to better-known brands to becoming one of the most respected brands in its key categories throughout the world. This transformation was no accident.

Despite its enormous size and breadth, the company has home-spun values that date back to it’s founding chairman, who once wrote: “Choose what others won’t. Start with what is indispensable in life. Once you get started, go through with it.” Unlike many U.S. public companies, LG has the  values and principles that it publishes on its web site and in its sustainability reports as part of its annual report. The company’s management philosophy focuses on “Creating Values for Customers” and “People-Oriented management.” The goal is to “think of customers as the top priority–the starting point of management.” Its goal is to be recognized as a market leader not only in business performance but management practices. LG is committed to an ethical management and code of conduct designed to “enable capability and development and fair competition.” The company has checklists to ensure that it is a healthy company “in terms of ethics, labor, human rights, partnerships, safety, and the environment, as expected by the global community.” The company works to ensure that its affiliates voluntarily promote activities “for continued improvement in these areas.”

Brand Personality

LG is highly competitive in its quest for dominance in its key market segments through innovation in technology and style to help people all over the world enjoy “The Good Life,” the words that provide the initials for its name. The company aims to “minimize any negative effects on society and the environment and positively impact the world in the process of promoting its corporate business management.” The company’s main focus is to promote sincere communication with interest groups, fair and clear governance and promotion of the ‘LG Way’, which is based on high ethical standards, social contributions, and investment in the environment.

Buyer Persona

LG customers take pride in buying high quality products by making informed and smart decisions. The LG customer is practical, sensible, and not likely to be driven by prestige when making technology buying decisions but rather by features, quality, and style.


With a broad range of mobile phones, home electronics, entertainment, appliances, and gaming technology, LG customers begin in their teens and range all the way up in terms of age. The brand audience skews higher income and more educated because of its price points and emphasis on innovation and style.

Endorsements and Sponsorships

LG has a formal Corporate Social Responsibility strategy published annually in its Sustainability Report. It is the sponsor of several national education and research and development programs in its home country and supports multiple health, social, and cultural development programs around the world. It is also a frequent sponsor of sporting events around the world, including baseball clubs and Formula One racing in the U.S.

Customization and Personalization

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