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Enterprise Engagement Advisors Network

Founded: 2008

Primary Products and Services

The Enterprise Engagement Advisors Network  provides a directory of solution providers, free education, information, and other resources to make sure that organizations achieve a sustainable return-on-investment from all engagement strategies and benefit from effective, measurable practices.


Company Story

The Enterprise Engagement Alliance was launched in 2008 by a small group of business people and academics who believed the research finding that organizations could achieve more sustainable results and better experiences for all stakeholders by applying a strategic and systematic approach to engaging all stakeholders.

Within its first year, the EEA held a conference bringing in experts from around the world in all areas of engagement to test out a new framework and implementation process for a 360-degree approach to organizational engagement. Two years later, the first formal course was born with the publication of Enterprise Engagement: The Roadmap, now in its fifth edition.  This year, it published an abbreviated version for the C-suite: Enterprise Engagement for CEOs: The Little Blue Book for People-Centric Capitalists.

Brand Personality

We care so much about promoting this field that we never trademarked the term “enterprise engagement” and give away all of the information organizations need to profit from the framework.

We are evangelical in enthusiasm, humanism, and spirit but focused on the need to build a solid business case for these principles from the standpoint of return on investment and enhanced experiences for all stakeholders.

EEA is a nonpartisan organization and will not endorse political candidates–even if when they share our views about the need for organizations address the needs of all stakeholders–because we believe these principles cut across partisan lines. In fact, the idea of partisan politics is contrary to the facts-based, sensible approach to decision-making that is baked into the culture of ISO standards, which are created by groups of people spanning all religions, cultures, and political systems.

Buyer Persona

The EEA  community attracts people who believe as we do that capitalism can benefit from a more strategic and systematic approach to valuing and managing human capital, meaning customers, employees, distribution partners, suppliers, communities, volunteers, donors, etc. Anyone in any type of organization can benefit from these principles, from the largest public company, trade association, university system, or religion, to the smallest retailer, wholesaler, or volunteer organization.

Organizations that successfully engage all their stakeholders have more sustainable success because their customers are more loyal and often become brand ambassadors; employees want to stay, give their extra effort, and encourage others to join the organization; vendors want to go the extra mile to help because they value the business, communities welcome these organizations because they are good neighbors, and all stakeholders of a mind to offer new ideas and suggestions.

Until recently, everyone in the EEA community was cutting-edge, as this holistic stakeholder approach to branding and organizational management hadn’t caught on. Now that leading organizations such as ISO and the Business Roundtable have also embraced these principles, the buyer persona is no longer “bleeding” edge, but rather “leading” edge.


The EEA welcomes all professionals in any type of organization without regard to type of organization, nationality, years in business, resources, etc. The only exceptions are of course for any type of controversial or hate organization focused on doing damage to any particular group, no matter how well justified the cause might be. In the spirit of the ISO, consensus-based process, which can require tremendous patience, we believe that effective solutions to our world’s challenges will only come when people are ready to sit down and focus on finding a consensus rather than winning one for their side.

Endorsements and Sponsorships

The Enterprise Engagement Advisors Network supports and promotes all reputable education and research resources on its Engagement Strategies Media (ESM) platform at All business professionals are invited to join our community and share useful information, including products and services, as long as it is related to the field of engagement and conducted in a professional manner (i.e., no spamming or trolling.)

Educators and organizations are invited to post announcements related to webinars and events sharing useful information in any area of engagement, new products and services, and job opportunities on our Enterprise Engagement Advisory Network Linked in community


Customization and Personalization

The EEA provides customized education and public speaking programs for organizations large and small, and facilitates executive strategy, brand development, or process design facilitation.

Where to Source

The only directory of Enterprise Engagement solution providers can be found at:

Information about all the EEA’s activities can be found at

Information about ISO certifications and learning can be found at:

News and information about the field can be found at ESM at

Product Lines

Engaged people are at the heart of every great organization and brand.

As highlighted in the new Business Roundtable charter and in ISO human capital standards, your organization will achieve the best results from its incentive, recognition, loyalty, promotional or business gift program if these tactics are part of properly designed programs or, better part, part of a strategic and systematic approach to engaging all key stakeholders. Brands and experiences will have the greatest impact if used as part of a formal and measurable process.

The Enterprise Engagement Advisors Network is a growing community of engagement solution providers and independent consultants and who are bringing strategic and tactical solutions to organizations seeking to apply a more strategic and systematic approach to engaging all stakeholders.

The free Enterprise Engagement Advisors Network directory at features listings of over 120 solution providers providing services to many types of organizations and in some cases offering referral fees or commissions to independent consultants and advisors. New companies are being added every week.

Categories include: strategic and tactical engagement solutions addressing customers, employees, distribution partners and other stakeholders, and specific such services as:

Branding, leadership training and coaching, assessment and feedback, communications in every medium, learning, diversity, job design, rewards and recognition, loyalty, return on investment measurement, analytics,  knowledge management, and more.

ESM at provides regularly updated news, new products, company profiles, research, insights opinion on all aspects of engagement.

The International Center for Enterprise Engagement at provides the only education and certification program on Enterprise Engagement and five ISO human capital standards:

ISO 10018 quality people management; ISO 30414 human capital management reporting; ISO 30401 knowledge management; 30409 workforce planning; and ISO 10667 assessment services.

The EEA provides a free course syllabus on Enterprise Engagement for educators.


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